Practical Activities and Ideas for Parents of Dyslexic Kids and Teens


Over 70 tried and tested accessible activities and games for parents to use with dyslexic children and teens to boost their fundamental educational skills including reading, writing, spelling and executive functioning, and support wellbeing.

This book contains dyslexia-friendly practical activities and ideas that can be readily accessed by parents of dyslexic children and teens, to support their learning in ways that work for them. It includes 70 activities to boost dyslexic learners’ reading, writing, spelling and executive functioning, as well as aspects which are often overlooked, such as emotional wellbeing, memory and social communication, which are fundamental to self-esteem and positive education experiences.

The authors, experienced practitioners in this field, equip parents to support and monitor their child’s progress and work through the activities together. Accessible, motivating and engaging, this is an essential tool for supporting dyslexic students of all ages.

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