A Hat Full of Sky


Tiffany Aching – a hag from a long line of hags – is trying out her witchy talents, when she leaves home and is apprenticed to be a ‘real’ witch. But this time, will the thievin’, fightin’ and drinkin’ skills of the Wee Free Men be of use, or must Tiffany rely on her own abilities?

ISBN: 9780857535467 Author: Pratchett, Terry Publisher: Doubleday Children's Publication Date: 25th May 2017 Imprint: Doubleday Children's Cover: Hardback Dewey: 823.914 (edition:23) Pages: 335 Language: English Readership: Children - juvenile / Code: J Category: Subjects: ,


No real witch would casually step out of their body, leaving it empty.

Tiffany Aching does. And there’s something just waiting for a handy body to take over. Something ancient and horrible, which can’t die.

To deal with it, Tiffany has to go to the very heart of what makes her a witch . . .

‘Fantastically inventive’
Sunday Times

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